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Foot Chase

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

The link at the bottom of this post is to a story I recently sold to Mystery Weekly Magazine. There is a sample there, but you can also subscribe or even buy the individual magazine on Amazon. It's a fun short story about an officer in a foot chase.

Note: A foot chase is probably one of the most exciting things that a cop can be involved in. Though this particular foot pursuit is fictional, I did draw on the chases I've personally been in, my favorite of which involved another officer and I chasing a suspect through downtown traffic. It wasn't all that different from a movie: cars screeching to a halt, planting a hand on a hood and vaulting between bumpers, lazer-focused on the fleeing criminal. She ran into the parking deck at Hargett and Blount (if you live the Raleigh area) and we followed her in. We all three kept slowing down and slowing down until we were almost walking. All our energy melted away by degrees. I couldn't figure out what was going on. I finally realized the incline of the parking deck was straight kicking my butt. Caught her eventually when she tried to hide in an art gallery, but once I got the cuffs on, I almost couldn't walk. That's when I learned that running and chasing are two very different activities.

Enjoy the story! Support this magazine if you can. They are one of the few outlets for fiction like this.


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