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In Time: Part 5

Note: This story was originally published in Allegory Magazine

Part V

They found a box of children’s cloths under the old usher’s bed. As many a five separate sets, not including Clarence’s. Lester consoled himself that there would be no more.

Gallowglass made it to the hospital. The doctors went on endlessly about how quickly he healed. At least until he disappeared. The missing persons report ended up on Detective Bradshaw’s desk.

“Don’t get too worked up, doc,” Lester told the hospital administrator over the phone. “He didn’t have any insurance anyway.”

Clarence went home to his mother, who thanked God and Lester Bradshaw alone for taking her child back from the city.


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About the Author

H.K. Slade grew up fascinated by storytelling, the magical process that allows one person to transport another back in time, across the universe, and into the middle of  danger, mystery, or adventure with mere words. Some of his favorite practitioners of this art include Sir Terry Pratchett, Raymond Chandler, Tony Hillerman, Steven Pressfield, Christopher Moore, Tamora Pierce, and Jim Butcher.  

First published in the Powhatan Review many years before the invention of the Zune, H. K. Slade has since had his works of fiction published in Visions Magazine for the Arts, The Black Water Review, Alien Skin, Down in the Dirt, Peridot Books, Allegory Magazine, and Mystery Weekly. Additionally, he is a regular contributor of nonfiction articles to Calibre Press and CopBlue



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